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THE PLATFORM:Striped Horse Beats for Tomorrow is a series of events through which we will be presenting exciting South African talents as they journey towards tomorrow. We recognise this new generation of culture-builders in Mzansi, and not only honour them with a beer brewed specially for them, but want to give rise to their voices, their sounds, and their thirst for tomorrow. Kicking off at Flame Studios in Johannesburg on the last Thursday of April, the intimate, yet inspiring setting coupled with ice-cold Striped Horse beer is all the reason to keep in touch and find out how to obtain a much sought-after ticket.

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THE SETTING: Flame Studios is a world-class recording studio hub situated in the Constitution Hill precinct. Taking inspiration from the Flame of Democracy – a perpetual flame that burns outside the Constitutional Court and serves to remind South Africans of their right to a life free from oppression and injustice. Flame Studios is a contemporary expression of the new spirit and direction of Constitution Hill: recording spaces designed to amplify the voices of South Africa’s new generation of musicians, artists and storytellers.


Striped Horse Premium Beer recognised that the perfect place to give rise to its Beats For Tomorrow platform is Flame Studios. Here we will host exciting young South African musical talents as they journey towards tomorrow. We are excited to play but a small part in this incredible journey


THE BEER: Striped Horse Premium Lager – crisp, refreshing modern beer that satisfies with every sip.



URBAN VILLAGE  29 April 2021

Hosted at Flame Studios in the Constitution Hill precinct our 1st event promises to set the tone of things to come. Through invite-only and limited ticket give-aways, 29 April 2021 has the following in store:

Urban Village Music - A South African group, based in Soweto, who creates a unique blend of folk, Zulu rock, Xhosa funk, mbaqanga & maskandi.

With their feet steeped in tradition and heads bowed toward the future, they are the perfect act to open the Striped Horse Beats for Tomorrow series at Flame Studios. 

DJ Brown Pepper Ann will unique sensuality and keep the music going by creating the vibes post the live Urban Village session.  

MC: Mark Mdluli. To keep everything flowing and on track, a thirst for tomorrow also calls for a comic for tomorrow.  Mark Mdluli will MC the evening, keep things light and ensure no one skips a beat.  


The 2nd instalment of Striped Horse Beats for Tomorrow! 
Main Act: @darkiefiction a South African music duo originally from the Eastern Cape and based in Johannesburg. Made up of rapper Katt Daddy (KuthulakweNkosi Siboto) and songstress Yoza Mnyanda (Yonela Mnyanda). Their music draws influence from kwaito, afro-funk, neo-soul, and hip hop. Through their music, they aim to pay homage to authentic South African music of yesteryear, while making sounds and telling stories that everyone can relate to. We certainly can't wait to see this duo.

And the ever-amazing @JustTravisCPT has proven that he can keep a crowd moving with his diverse range of genres spanning all the way from hip-hop, to RnB, to kwaito and house music. With his diverse selection of music, always expect the unexpected 


SIO 07 October 2021

The 3rd installment of Striped Horse Beats for Tomorrow is here! This is the platform through which we will be presenting exciting South African talents as they journey towards tomorrow. Hosted at Flame Studios in the Constitution Hill precinct again on Thursday 07 October 2021, through invite-only and limited ticket giveaways. This is what we have in store for you:

Main Act: SIO, The Twilight child, a storyteller who uses music and poetry to tell her stories. A lover of words and melodies, the Johannesburg-based songstress often gravitates towards dark imagery, weaving love, thoughtfulness, and dash of rebellion in her work.
And keeping us warm on the decks: Hailing from Duduza, East of Joburg we have KVRVBO, Expanding from drawing and doodling at a young age, to exploring the exciting feeling of being a DJ one day.  

RAMS & KEVI KEV 11 Feb 2022

We're Back!! Bringing you Striped Horse Beats For Tomorrow on Friday 11 February at The Flame Studios in Constitutional Hill.
For this installment, we still bringing you 2 Live Acts & Supporting DJs who Own Their Stripes. Headlining Acts, the talented RAMS, an alternative eclectic artist who blends soul, hip hop, and traditional African sound to carve his own sonic state. Then we have rapper/singer/songwriter and culture curator from Soweto, KeviKev aka Kevi Khusta "It's Not A Chicken Its A Rooster". Supported by Mdoovar, Lubonk & Kaddy who will be operating the DJ decks for us throughout the night.

This is a limited, invite-only event only see our social media to learn more about how you can win tickets to this event. 

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